Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Questions and Answers - Liz Quackenbush on exploring ideas through collaboration

Q1: Are you exploring ideas in this work that you haven't had the time or motivation or freedom to explore in your own studio practice?

I would say yes!  I will be glazing the pots white with only spots of copper carbonate and then addressing them with lusters after that.  The lusters will be followed with fired on glass enamels when needed. When applying the maiolica glaze I normally use it took much longer because I found I really had to think through these unfamiliar forms and ask what each demanded.  The familiarity I have with my own work was gone and this unfamiliar work presented unfamiliar challenges.  I will be discovering attitudes and preferences, unlike my own, all along the way and will, somehow, have to make bed fellows with all of them to pull this off!

Liz Quackenbush

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