Saturday, July 20, 2013

Meanwhile, at NCC...

Lots of planning and many discussions among Hargens, Pintz and Burnett.
Above Jason is gathering his thoughts for Joe's work.

Friday, July 19th was filled with discussion among the three artists here.
One big topic was how much work really changes under someone else's surface decorations.
Typically Joe has no decoration and just a simple glaze on his work and
pictured above are Joe's server, mug and bowl with Jason's whimsical surfaces.

Jason Bige Burnett working his paper resist methods on Ursula's Hargen's platter.
Although there's not much break away from floral surfaces on Ursula's forms Jason plans to expand floral decor
through multiple surface styles.

Joe Pintz and Jason Burnett are working on an series of printed large dishes.
Holly Walker decorated Jason's cup and dinner plate, and now Jason has decided to
continue the collaboration be adding decals to their pieces.

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