Monday, June 3, 2013

Glaze Testing and Question and Answer

Joe Pintz:

Q2: If you’ve had other collaborative experiences, how does this experience differ so far? If not, what were some preconceptions you had and how have they held up? I have not done anything remotely like this before. In fact, this whole project scares the heck out of me… that’s why I signed up to do it! I, too, have been staring at everyone’s bisqueware wondering what to do. Double checking how my glazes turn out on everyone’s test tiles is the first step. This part of it has been collaborating from a distance. I am very much looking forward to the face-to-face collaboration that will happen in July at the Northern Clay Center. Personally, I will have a much easier time reacting to wet clay while having the other artists there in the studio alongside me. Stay tuned.

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